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A Gurukul in Every Village

When you google the query “how many gurukuls were there in India during the British period”. You inadvertently get 732000 gurukuls’ answers and you being a proud Indian accept it without much questioning. I am not quite sure where this number has popped from, but we have dissected this estimation here.

Even though that number may not be correct but we have found that the Indian gurukul education system was surprisingly well-developed compared to most of the world during the early 1800s. Bengal alone had more schools (pathshala or gurukul) than Europe and North America combined.

This number (732000) has stuck with us though. We, at Vediconcepts, has been working towards setting up at least a gurukul in every village in India. As you already know, this is a very ambitious project and we, on our own, can not pull this off. That’s why we are looking to gather every possible help that we can get from like-minded people like us.

We have plans, presentations, and expertise. But without your help, we can not do this on our own.

If you also cherish the idea of Vishwaguru Bharat then you should support our campaign in any way possible because without setting up Gurukuls in every village of India, we won’t be able to push India to that status.

ancient gurukul system of education
A gurukul in ancient India

To join our A Gurukul in Every Village campaign fill out the following form and we’ll let you know about any developments along the way.

What do we do?

Gurukuls have been the backbone of Indian society since time immemorial. Gurukuls were the foundation on which Indian society was built. It has only existed without gurukuls for the last 180 years or so and we can see the downward spiral Indian society has taken. Indian system has been marred with Corruption, inefficiency, etc.

We see Gurukul as the one solution for all the problems we are facing today. So, Vediconcepts can help you to establish Gurukul or you can help us to set up one. Either way, let’s bring the Gurukul revolution!

Our Plan

With the help of the gram panchayat, we’d like to set up a gurukul cum school that will give free education to all the students of the village. It will be a residential school that will equip the students with skill training, academics, and sports too.

What is the problem that we are solving?

We want to solve the problem of inefficiency and the quality of education in India.

How can you help?

We are looking for people who share the same vision and have either time, money, connections, or desire to help us realize this dream. You may be someone but not limited to:

  • Who’s looking to set up a gurukul
  • Have land but no knowledge of the gurukul education system
  • Willing to dedicate your time as an Acharya
  • Someone from a village, who can help us set up a Gurukul in your area.
  • Someone who’s interested in Gurukuls and wants to help in any way possible
  • etc.

These are typical examples of someone who might be a good fit to work with us. We are not looking for donations as of now. Instead, we are looking for people with whom we can collaborate.

How we are planning to do this?

A quick Google search shows there are 664,369 villages in India. So that means we have a very ambitious project at hand and the results for this level of the project can not be realized without the support of society at large. That’s why we are requesting everyone who is interested in the ancient Indian Gurukul education system and knows its advantages over traditional factory schooling.

Elements of a gurukul
Elements of Gurukul

Note: This project is part of our village rejuvenation in which we help develop skills in the youths of the village and provide them with opportunities right there in their village.