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Jasdev Singh

Jasdev Singh - Software Engineer and Education Advocate.Jasdev Singh is a dedicated Software Engineer with a passion for enhancing education in India. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Gurukul education system, Jasdev is committed to integrating its key learnings into modern educational practices. Balancing his professional role as a software engineer with his work at Vediconcepts, he strives to bring about positive change in the educational landscape. With a vision to bridge traditional wisdom and contemporary learning, Jasdev Singh is making a meaningful impact in both the tech industry and the field of education.

Understanding the ‘Jati’

Both those within and outside the Jati system have varied perceptions of it. Like many things in life, the Jati system has its strengths and weaknesses. We’ve conducted extensive research on the origins and evolution of the Jati system. In this blog post, we aim to delve into various aspects… Read More »Understanding the ‘Jati’

Why Gurukul system decline?

Gurukul Education System is quite possibly the oldest education system in the world. It has flourished in one form or another from at least 15000 BCE. Knowledge production and sharing have been considered one of the most sacred things in Indian culture which gave rise to the institution of learning… Read More »Why Gurukul system decline?