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Why Gurukul system decline?

Gurukul Education System is quite possibly the oldest education system in the world. It has flourished in one form or another from at least 15000 BCE. Knowledge production and sharing have been considered one of the most sacred things in Indian culture which gave rise to the institution of learning… Read More »Why Gurukul system decline?

How does a gurukul function?

Gurukuls had an important contribution to the development of Indian civilization and culture. Gurukuls were often run by Brahmin householders both inside and outside the villages or cities. Grihastha scholars and sometimes even Vanprasthi would attract learners from far and wide. They keep them in their family for many years… Read More »How does a gurukul function?

History of gurukul education system

The history of Gurukuls is the history of India’s education system and how it gave birth to subjects like astronomy, mathematics, science, economics, history, etc. Its history encompasses at least 15000 years which no other civilization can boast of. In the development of Indian culture, the system of 4 Purusharthas, 4 Varnas, and 4 Ashrams has… Read More »History of gurukul education system

Home Schooling in India

Homeschooling can be a great way to provide your child with a customized education. Traditional schooling or factory schooling as I usually call it had only one stated purpose i.e. to produce clerks for their English masters as outlined in T.B. Macaulay’s Minutes of Education. It worked to fulfill British… Read More »Home Schooling in India