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A critical study of Macaulayism

T.B. Macaulay’s “Minutes of Education” is a hotly debated topic in India. It has been the subject of discussion as well as ridicule on Whatsapp forwards. Most people accept whatever is written in these forwards without much investigation. So in this post, we will discuss Macaulay and his legacy that… Read More »A critical study of Macaulayism

Join our team vediconcepts

Join team Vediconcepts

About Vediconcepts Vediconcepts is an educational research organization that focuses on promoting gurukul education thereby improving the current state of education in India. Our focus is on Vedic and historical topics. Project Scope: The scope of this project is not religious as some might guess from the first impression. Instead, we… Read More »Join team Vediconcepts

Quotes about Hinduism

Hinduism, also known as Sanatana Dharma or Vedic dharma, is one of the most interesting religions that has invoked curiosity among people from diverse backgrounds. The quotes given below are to show you what others (who were not born and brought up in an Indian or Hindu environment) have thought… Read More »Quotes about Hinduism