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Concept of God in Hinduism

Ishwar (God) ईश्वर, also called supreme consciousness which is the origin of everything around us. According to Traitvada tradition, Ishwar, in addition to Prakriti and Jiva are the 3 ever existing reality.

In Vedas, Ishwar has been given innumerable names, some of which we will discuss here. Shiva, Vishnu, Indra, Narayana, Ganesha, Brahma, Saraswati, Shakti etc are some of the few names Ishwar has been called with.

Various Names of the Ishwar (God)

  • Agni: That which is the life force for everything, knowledge personified, all-knowing
  • Hiranyagarbh: That whose laws have created all the stars and the cause of their sustenance
  • Savita, Brahma, Shakti: That which has created or capable of creating everything
  • Shankar, Shiv: That which does or seek welfare for everyone
  • Mahadev: That which is the deva of devas, from which even the devas get their brilliance. From whose brilliance even sun shines
  • Kala: That which does the counting of all material & Jiva (atma)
  • Mahakala: That which the kala of kala himself
  • Vishnu: That which is omnipresent
  • Shri: That whose knowledge everyone wants to have
  • Saraswati: That which is knowledge itself and knows everything
  • Lakshmi: That which is beautiful, beautifies everything, cause of beauty in everything. Also, that which is the target of Yogis, etc and worthy to looking at.
  • Ganesha or Ganapati: That which is the cause of sustenance for Prakriti and all Jivas
  • Surya: That which illuminates everything
  • Shani: That which is the patience of patience
  • Mangal: That which is the do-gooder of everything
  • Acharya: That who is the guru of gurus, the ultimate guru
  • Brihaspati: That who is bigger than the biggest
  • Yama: That which gives the fruits of one’s actions/karma
  • Vayu: That which is all powerful
  • Jal: That which creates and destroy everything
  • Vasu: That which is the base of everything animate or inanimate, provides sustenance to everything
  • Rudra: That which makes one cry for his bad actions/karma
  • Indra: That which is brilliance in itself
  • many more…

Some of the attributes of Ishwar (God):

  • formless
  • omniscient
  • just
  • merciful
  • unborn
  • endless
  • unchangeable
  • beginning-less
  • unequalled
  • the support base of all
  • the master of all
  • omnipresent
  • imminent
  • immortal
  • fearless
  • eternal and holy
  • the Creator of all

supreme god in Hinduism

Supreme God in Hinduism is named “aum”. It has many many attributes upon which its other names depend. Some of them are Saraswati, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, etc.

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