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About Vediconcepts

Vediconcepts is an educational research organization that focuses on promoting gurukul education thereby improving the current state of education in India. Our focus is on Vedic and historical topics.

Project Scope:

The scope of this project is not religious as some might guess from the first impression. Instead, we are focusing on cultural and civilizational aspects. By including elements of Gurukul education in current education, we can improve the quality of education currently being imparted.

To realize this, we are creating a team. So if you’ve got the following expertise & would like to be a part of our effort, get in touch:

  • Sales & Marketing
    • Content Lead
    • SEO & Blogging
    • Copywriter
    • Data
    • Social Media Distribution
  • Research & Development
    • Course structure design
    • Research
    • Course Content Development
    • Content Writer
  • Relations Executive
    • Manage relationships with writers
    • Manage relations with HNI investors & donors
    • Customer Support


  • Work from home & at your schedule
  • Part-time ~10hrs/week
  • Teamwork experience
  • Exposure to new & innovative ideas
  • Stipend

Introduction to Vediconcepts

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