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Offline Gurukul

Vediconcepts has a stated goal of starting a Model Gurukul and has started planning for setting up an offline Gurukul in the vicinity of Delhi.

What this Gurukul will have

  • Anyone can come and stay there for as long as they wish.
  • The Gurukul will have departments like Ayurveda, Sanskrit, History, STEM, etc.
  • Learning will be focused on Sanskrit, Vedangas, Darshan Shastras, and Vedas.
  • Research-based learning will be the focus with a point-of-view of Bharat.
  • Studying and researching unconventional subjects like the History of Science & Mathematics in India, Astronomy in ancient India, etc. will also be encouraged.

How can you help in setting up?

  • By donating your unused but useful materials like books, etc.
  • By volunteering your time.
  • By joining us in this effort.

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