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Can we go back to the gurukul education system?

Let’s talk about a hypothetical situation. Suppose we can uproot the current education system and plant the gurukul education system in all its glory. Now a question? Will India be any better than it is now?

Before you blurt out, India will be back to the middle ages! I request you to consider the time when the gurukul education system was functioning in its full glory. Now a few more questions:

  1. Which country (in a loose sense) controlled the most wealth back then?
  2. Which country produced the most scientific & technological innovations?
  3. Which country was the preferred place for higher learning all over the world?
  4. Which country had the highest number of higher learning institutions?

If your answer was India, then you’re completely right. But many people will be legitimately concerned with the problems like Caste discrimination and Girls’ education.


A small section of the Indian population may have concerns if we consider moving toward the ancient Indian Gurukul Education System. Some of these are:

  1. How can you say there will be no caste discrimination?
  2. There will be no girls’ education
  3. India will lag in terms of science and technology
  4. How will you ensure the problems that we experienced in the past will not rear their head?

These can be genuine concerns plaguing some sections of society. However, I don’t see any reason why the current laws won’t be able to tackle them as they are now.


If the current education system is replaced by the ancient Indian Gurukul education system, then the following things will happen for sure:

  1. Indians will stop being copycats and start leading the world again in terms of innovation, science as well as technology. The world will play catch up with India.
  2. Equality will come back because you won’t need to spend even a dime to get an education. All you need is a desire to learn.
  3. There will be 100% literacy in India instead of just 65% or so now.
  4. India will become a superpower again.
  5. The collapsing societal structure will get a new lease of life.
  6. There will be less corruption and less crime in India.
  7. Other countries will start adapting to the Indian gurukul education system or they’ll stay far behind.
  8. etc

These are some of the simple effects of replacing the current education system with the gurukul education system.

But the quality of gurukuls should be at par with Vedic era gurukuls, not the kind of gurukuls we’re used to seeing now. If you are still not convinced about the benefits the gurukul system brings to society, please check our post about the advantages of the gurukul system to know about its benefits in detail.

That’s why Vediconcepts is working to revive the gurukul system in India and your help is solicited. Please join our Email list so that we can keep you in the loop. You may find our gurukul system of education post and myths about the gurukul education system post very informative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we go back to the gurukul education system?

The gurukul education system has answers to most of the problems that Indian society faces. Adopting the gurukul education system is not as tough as it seems. Only the shift in how we look at the gurukul system can bring it closer to implementation which can be further enhanced by understanding how the gurukul system really worked.

We have written a great post that discusses how gurukuls really function, read it here.

Will the modern Indian education system ever change back to the Gurukul way of teaching?

We don’t need to abolish the current education system. Instead, we need to implement useful elements of the gurukul system into the way we are providing education in society.

Read our post about how the current (so-called modern) education system came into being and compare it vis-a-vis the gurukul education system so that you can understand its benefits.

2 thoughts on “Can we go back to the gurukul education system?”

  1. I had questions about how the gurukul education is accepeted by our government? Has it accepted by our government? Todays time is solely depends and bilives on money and degress from outside. And it its not accepted how people gonna survive ?
    Because our society is based on money not on barter system what we had previously. How can all these dependencies stop ? Even government is relying on outside imports and outside recongnition only.

    1. I understand your concern. But the Gurukul education system is not about going back to old ages. Instead, it is very much in sync with the current system whether economic or otherwise. It can help solve so many problems we are currently facing with the current education system and society at large. This thought that adopting the Gurukul system means we are going back to the dark ages is founded on not knowing the benefits it will bring to society at large.

      Also, the government doesn’t have to accept the system, the society can implement it on its own. Money is not a bad thing on its own, (India used to be the richest, remember?) and it used to trade with Romans, China, Persia, and Africa. So trade (import/export) doesn’t pose any challenged either.

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