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Since 2017, Vediconcepts has been actively collaborating with Gurukuls, offering comprehensive support ranging from their establishment to promotional activities. Our mission is to foster connections among Gurukuls, brahmacharis, acharyas, and various stakeholders, aiming to cultivate a sustainable alternative education system.

Vediconcepts offers a range of services to numerous Gurukuls, encompassing various aspects of their operations. If you’re contemplating establishing a Gurukul, view Vediconcepts as your dedicated ally throughout the journey. Here’s a brief overview of the support Vediconcepts can extend to you:

  • Gurukul Setup
  • Project Report
    • Sustainability Report
    • Feasibility Report
    • Grant Report
  • Affiliation
  • Training & Administration
  • Infrastructure Development
    • Computer/IT
    • Sports Facilities
    • Residential
    • Classroom infra
  • Curriculum Design