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Support the Cause

Vediconcepts’ mission is to start a Gurukul in every village in India. But this is a huge task that we can’t do alone. That’s why we need your help. Let’s work together to achieve this dream in either of the following ways:

  • Silent Supporter: Share our Blog posts, YouTube channel, Website link, etc. with others to make them interested in Gurukul education.
  • Vocal Supporter: Tell others about Gurukul Education & how Vediconcepts is promoting it.
  • Campus Ambassador: Become Vediconcepts’ campus Ambassador at your college, university, or school.
  • Advocate our work: Let people know what Vediconcepts stand for and connect them with us.
  • Evangelist: Working in an organization/company? Help us get CSR funding. Know more at CSR
  • Provide Scholarships to Gurukul students regularly or one-time encouragement. Check out our Scholarship program.
  • Fund a fellow: Check out our Fellowship program.
  • Endowment Program: Fund a chair or Department in a gurukul.
  • Set up a new Gurukul (we are here to help)
  • Volunteer: By Volunteering you can help us reach our goal.
  • Team Member: Help us run day-to-day work at Vediconcepts. Join our Team

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