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Timeline of Hinduism

The timeline or chronology of Hinduism and Indian civilization are intertwined. Following is the timeline of the Indian civilization’s development over some 18000 years.

Period NamePeriod
Proto Vedic Period16000 – 14500 BCE
Early Vedic Period14500 – 13500 BCE
Middle Vedic Period13500 – 11500 BCE
Later Vedic Period11500 – 10500 BCE
Post-Vedic Period10500 – 6777 BCE
Mayasura’s Surya Siddhanta22 February 6778 BCE (Sunday)
Ramayana Era5677 – 5577 BCE
Mahabharata War3162 BCE
Buddha Birth15 March 1944 BCE
Buddha Nirvana1864 BCE
Muryan KingdomAround 1500 BCE
Indian Chronology

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