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Will Hinduism survive in India?

Survival of Hinduism doesn’t depend on outside threats but the complacency within. Traditions or systems can be disrupted by outside threats, it can be fatal sometime. But inner complacency or inner challenges kills every single time.

The Hindu community of Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan is dying not because they aren’t allowed to pray in their temples, etc. But because they do NOT know what they are protecting.

To Protect Hinduism you should do following things:

  • Stop blaming others
  • Start practicing Hinduism and get to know its history
  • Read holy texts of Hinduism

If you have asked this question. It must mean that you have made some observations and your observations tells you that contrary to what you have been told, it will be quite hard for Hinduism to survive in the future.

But then you hear arguments like

  • Hinduism is Sanatana, it is eternal religion. So it will exist forever
  • We have faced X number of problems but we still survived.

But we can easily state Hinduism is not thriving neither as a population nor as ideology. It has been in stagnation for quite sometime now. The next stage is obviously decline.

A Muslim practices his faith and feels proud in doing so. A Christian also do the same. But when it comes to Hinduism, an overwhelming majority of Hindus neither knows about Hinduism nor feels proud in practicing. It is changing but the pace is very slow. We can blame Bollywood, Islam, Christianity all we want. But that’s not the real problem. Real problem lies within.

An average Hindu can’t answer simple questions like “What is Hinduism?”, “What does it offer to others?”. Nowadays, parents doesn’t know much about Hinduism themselves, what will they convey to their children. There is even a lack of basic knowledge about Hinduism.

If Hinduism has to survive, you’ll need to know answer to the following questions. In addition, you’ll need to make others aware about them: